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With number of youth in city foster care at five-year high, Richmond celebrates 33 adoptions

BY K. BURNELL EVANS Richmond Times-Dispatch Nov 18, 2017

Majesty’s mother loved her four children hard before she was gone, often rising before dawn to cook hot plates of bacon and scrambled eggs on …

Wrap Around Ministry

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but everyone is called to care.  Virginia is partnering with Open Table, a non-profit that employs a high-fidelity wrap around model, to provide wrap around support for children in foster care and the families who are serving them.

The partnership between Virginia’s Kids Belong and Open Table will allow everyone a clear entry point to engage in this issue, particularly the Faith Community as they collaborate with us to meet foster care needs.

From babysitting to dropping off a meal to providing lawn care or tutoring, there are countless ways to help support a foster or adoptive family.  This partnership will give everyone the opportunity to say “Yes” to serving children in foster care.



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